Saturday, 5 January 2013

Vital apps for fashionistas!

Recently I've become really engrossed in the whole app downloading world. But this time instead of downloading what was recommended, I started to search for the ones I would take a huge interest in; as well as use more. In my search for beauty and fashion apps, I found a whole new world. 

Firstly, Beautylish.
I downloaded this half expecting it just to show me tutorials about how to apply make up - stuff I could see on youtube or any other make up tutorial site. But my God, it is so much more. Making your own account and profile so what you read, view and add your opinion to is all personal (great feature). Also, they have a sort 'love' option, where you as the user select different; articles, tutorials even products, that have been exhibited on the app. LOVE.
beautylish website, have fun

After Beautylish, I didnt really think it could get much better. Fashion and clothes being my first love, I was naturally drawn towards an app like Instagram but for outfits and fashionista's looking for new ideas/inspiration! - this app being "Go Try It On". Just like other applications, you can easily like/love images you see as well as follow people's profiles who you really like. I adore this app, but haven't really uploaded anything on to it, but everyone should try.
Go Try It On website

For articles and practically anything, please endeavor "allwomenstalk". It's really good at giving you the scoop on practically every aspect of a womans life. From cooking, diet, health, jewellery to hair. From fashion to even gardening if thats your sort of cup of tea!

Happy new year & happy apping readers!