Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Recent purchases SS/AW

Hey, just a quick update on some recent purchases.
I really needed some casual shoes, absolutely vital to capsule wardrobe I'm building (near to completion). If you're building on a budget, but still want brands in you wardrobe then i highly suggest prioritising  and sacrificing on what you really need. 

My new 'All Star Danity' Converse. I NEEDED a fresh pair if I'm honest and I thought why not go for a flatter style; ultimately keeping my look more feminine.
They were pretty hard to find but -
You can purchase them HERE

I LOVED these as soon as I saw them! Cheap little Converse spin off's from H&M - usually I wouldn't buy something that would have anyone asking "are they real" but hey. I was caught by the off-white faux leather front and laces (can't really be seen in picture), they're more of a cream colour which sits better with black leather. These were a cool £15, although I pondered because I wanted black Converse, these sit well with my bank account and more importantly my AUTUMN/WINTER wardrobe. 

SO finally! The famous craze; Juju Jelly's!
I have a lack of patience's when it comes to waiting to purchase clothes/accessories that I want urgently these days, so when black, low heel Juju's were sold out EVERYWHERE! I was pretty upset. When they finally came back into stock on ASOS, I jumped at the chance and copped them for £20! (free delivery too, thanks to my beloved ASOS) 
Try and get your size HERE & a similar style HERE at Topshop 

Happy browsing and shopping bloggers!x

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