Monday, 28 October 2013

Beauty Haul - AUTUMN (pt. 1)

Good morning bloggers. I have a slightly different post today, something for you beauty product lovers. I am a self confessed spend-a-holic but this month i decided to spend my wages on more beauty product based items. As the seasons change, so does our skin. Some (including myself) can quickly go from quite oily skin to very dry brittle skin. So lets have a quick peep at a few of my recent purchases!

Starting from the left.
  • Revlon double ended eyebrow brush - £5.99
I really needed a new eyebrow brush as mine are very thick and often need structuring before I pencil them in. I usually go for the cheap £1 very small flimsy ones from local hair shops, but Superdrug served me one of the best eyebrow brushes i've ever seen & used. On the top, there is a thiner comb side and then on the other there is a thick angled brush for brushing hair's into shape. On the bottom, a mascara brush replica, with the brussels going all the way round. I mainly use this side to catch those annoying hair's around the arch of my eyebrow. All in all, this product is worth the price...lets just hope it doesnt get lost...
  • Topshop "velvet lips" lip gloss - £10
Purple coming round as the 'in' lip colour again this winter has sent my head spinning. I was told by a friend about a lipstick Topshop do (after three visits to different beauty shops in look for the perfect purple shade!) called 'Inhibition' & of course this colour had to be the most popular shade because they were sadly all sold out. So instead, I came across a deep shade of purple but in lip gloss form called "velvet lips".
In short, I'd say bigger make up brands need to take tips from Topshop. This lip gloss stayed on ALL day. No exaggeration, its matte texture (when applied correctly) had my lips stay the intended colour for hour after hour. 
Exceedingly good, get your hands on one!
  • Maybelline 'Colossal Volume Express' & 'Falsies Volume Express' - £7.99 (each)
Previously, I had been using the same brand and mascara product for a year! Finding the perfect brush and volume to fit you can be difficult, so I didnt try anything new.
When it finally came time to do a new make up haul, I panicked  "What brand is now best?" "what if the brushes are too thin" "what if they have no effect on my thick eyelashes" - all things that came across my mind when standing in Superdrug. Panic over, I decided to go for Maybelline as they are advertised and spoken about often as being one of the high st best. When trying them I did find that the brushes were thinner than my previous fave, but oh so worth buying when learning how to apply mascara properly for an average day. Going for a thinner brush meant that my eyelashes were more low key but nevertheless appearing longer. These mascara's do what they say on the tin!

  • Sleek 'Face contour kit' - £6.49
Sleek have been said to make the most affordable contour kit ever. My budget was constantly challenged in store when the kit turned out to be £10 (Sleek Face Form) and when they turned three shades of the contour kit into 2!
I was ever so happy on the weekend to find there is a cheaper version that virtually does the same thing. I purchased the 'dark' shade for my skin (although the dark tone in the kit is darker than first thought) and will probably not look at another kit for a while...It's amazing!
Subtly applying the darker tone on the hollow (under cheek bone) of my face and then adding the highlighter to my cheek bone  - the contour of my face through make up had been achieved. Instructions inside make you go through a go-no-way-wrong process and this product is available in all 'light' 'meduim' to 'dark' shades.

  •   Real Technique 'Miracle complexion sponge'
We all know its been said that when applying foundation the best application to use are those weirdly shaped sponges. Of course when seeing this in store, especially being Real Technique (an absolute fave brand of mine) and at £5.99 - the advice by make up artists was taken.
With easy use and the right amount of my Mac studio fix fluid put on the sponge, my face had never looked so smooth and even. For a non strieky, level, smooth and affordable look, buy this haha!

  • Garnier  'Moisture match - 24hr hydration Mattifying Fresh Cream' - £5.99
Last but deffo not least, my favorite purchase of the last few months. I've been using Garnier cream on my body for a while now and seeing they were bringing a new face cream line out, with a mattifying one brought me instant joy. Thinking the product would be £10+, I was surprised by the affordability of it all when it came in at £5.99. Having certain area's of your face being dry and then others quite oily is the hardest aspect when buying face products. You have to consider how your base product (foundation or powder) will look when on an oily T-zone and how to keep the dry area's hydrated. But this cream mattifying but oh so much keeping my face moisturized has been the best discovery probably ever haha!
available at most Superdrugs in; 'Goodbye dry', 'Stay afresh' and 'Protect and glow' besides the mattifying one.

Happy shopping bloggers!x

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